10 Best Orcpub Alternative D&D5e Tools

Gaming has become one of the trending topics in the modern world. Professional gamers from around the globe have made, giving fans moments to remember. But some players like more simple roleplaying games such as dragons and dungeons. Games like these require players have certain tools for a better experience. One such site where the required tools were offered was the Orcpub.

It was a sad day for the community when the platform of OrcPub was taken down. The site was deemed by many as the best place to find all the suitable tools that one might need to play the world-renowned dragons and dungeons.

In case you were a fan of the infamous platform and are looking to find alternatives of OrcPub that may offer similar services, read this blog till the end to know about some of the best alternatives to Orcpub in 2021.

Top Alternatives of OrcPub

  • D & D beyond
  • Beyond tabletop
  • Roll 20
  • Adventurer's codex
  • Tablespire
  • Hero lab
  • Rolisteam
  • Aurora builder
  • Planar ally
  • Dice cloud

These are some of the best alternatives to the brilliant platform of Orcpub that can be accessed to find all the tools that can be used to play dragons and dungeons in the best possible manner.

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