How to Get back your Disabled Instagram Account?

Instagram is an unstoppable app, that is growing every day and thriving out with advanced features from time to time. But, there can be times when your Instagram account is disabled. And if so, then you might face some issues while using your Instagram account. 
A disabled Instagram account is not able to like, comment, or use the direct messaging Instagram feature. It is not even able to post anything. And that's why in case your account is disabled by any chance, you will need to get back your Instagram account as soon as possible. 

Why did your Instagram account get disabled?

There can be some basic reasons for your Instagram account getting disabled. These reasons are listed below:

1 It might be that you have mistakenly violated the Instagram guidelines.

2 It can be possible that you are unable to log in to your Instagram account due to continuous logins with incorrect passwords.

3 It can also be possible that you are entering incorrect credentials and that's why Instagram disabled your Account.


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Now, how to get back your Instagram account? 

To do so, just follow the methods below:
Method 1: Enter a valid email address and password. If you have forgotten a password, click on forgot password and recover it through your email address. 
Method 2: Talk to Instagram customer care or support services. 
Method 3: Create a new Instagram account.

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